Fleck 3200 Series Timers

Fleck 3200 Series Electro Mechanical Timers

3200 3210 Electro Mechanical Timers

The Fleck control valve is an electro mechanical valve that has wetted parts, electrical motors and micro switched and control timers.  Fleck timers contain the regeneration information for when to begin regeneration, time of day to start, length of cycle time, and in the case of digital timers diagnostic and flow information.

The Fleck 3200 timer is the basic time clock timer that allows the user to select the day of regeneration and with the front time clock, the time of regeneration.  This timer is available with a skipper wheel using sliding pins in a 12 #60304- or 7 #60303- day orientation.  When the skipper pin is extended to the outside diameter of the wheel regeneration will occur that day.  On the reverse side of the timer the program wheel with pins and holes determines the length and sequence of the regeneration cycle.  Both timers are features in all service manuals.

The Fleck 3210 timer delayed regeneration responds to a mechanical gallon meter.  The white dot above a number on the front label represents the number of gallons before regeneration.  With the time clock on the front the unit will delay regeneration until that time is reached regardless of the gallons used after the trip point is reached.  Both timers are features in all service manuals.

The Fleck 3220 timer immediate regeneration also responds to the mechanical gallon meter.  As soon as the trip point is reached the unit will immediately enter regeneration.  This timer has no timer clock face and is usually used in a twin alternating system.

The Fleck 3230 timer remote start requires an external signal to begin regeneration.  Usually from a PLC controller or similar remote signal external to the control valve.  Once signaled, the unit begins an immediate regeneration.

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Fleck 3200 Series Digital Timers

Over the years solid state circuitry has allowed digital timers to evolve.  The advantage is finer and easier control with more available data for diagnostic purposes.

Some of the earlier digital control timers have been replaced with newer programs and control boards.  New wiring harnesses, timers and or powerheads can be retrofitted to the control valves to bring them up to date.  Sometimes these obsolete systems can be reset if there is a function problem.  See the following manuals of obsolete timers.

3200 XT timer this current timer is designed to be used with single tank or twin tank 9500 or 9000 control valve.  It is an upscale digital unit that provides flow rate and diagnostic information for the user.

SXT timer is current timer and less expensive designed to be a single tank or twin tank timer for the 9500 and 9000 twin tank control.  This is a very satisfactory timer with basic capabilities.

3200NXT timer has been replaced by the NXT2 Timer. Order yours now.

NXT2  This timer is the Newest addition to the digital fleck valve offerings.  The timer is capable of connecting up to 8 control valves  for larger system operations as well as additional relay out puts.  The NXT2 is the current production timer replacing the NXT and NT.  The NXT2 will not communicate with any previous timer so if multiple units are linked together contact us for assistance 800-581-3488.

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