Fleck Control Products

Fleck Control Valves for Filters & Commercial-Industrial Water Softeners to 3,600,000 Grains

Commercial and industrial Fleck control valves can be fitted with various mechanical or electronic control packages to achieve most any result. Available in the range from single tank units to multi-valve systems delivering over 1,000 gallons per minute of treated water.

Fleck Timer Controls

Whether your need is electro mechanical, or if your control system if fully digital, Fleckvalves has you covered.

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Fleck Brine Valves

The 1600 and 1700 series brine valves are used on many Fleck valves where a tubing brine line for smaller flows of brine and fresh water needed. To find out more about which series you need, click the button below to help you identify the correct valve.

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