Fleck Gallon Meters

Fleck Gallon Meters 9500 Gallon Meter Wheel

Fleck Gallon Meters provide a high-efficiency method of monitoring water usage and initiating timely regenerations; resulting in salt, water and energy savings. Meters range in size from 3/4” – 2” and are designed to fit commercial, industrial, and large-volume residential applications.

Automatic regeneration takes place as an immediate or delayed timer is triggered by a time clock set for certain days and time of day or a remote PLC giving a signal to the timer or by a gallon meter located on the soft water side of the valve or valves.  Refer to System Choices to see how gallon meters can be used on single or multiple tank systems.

The meter bodies on industrial commercial valves come in sizes from 1” to 3” in either brass bodies or stainless steel. The picture of this mechanical gallon meter shows a brass meter body with a black meter dome.   When attached to the valve or a remote meter timer this dome would have a black cable linking it to the gallon wheel on the front panel of the mechanical timer or a wire plugged into the digital timer circuit board.  In the case of a mechanical meter the dome can be standard range or extended range.  The extended range meter dome will register about 5 times more gallons than the standard range meter dome.  Both domes must be matched with the appropriate volume label on the gallon meter wheel, see the attached picture showing the numbers 0 to 100 x’s 100.  This mechanical wheel will register slightly more than 10,000 gallons of soft water before a regeneration is cued.  Notice the white dot on the outside of the number ring pointing to about 98.  This white dot is the set point (98 x’s 100= 9,800 gallons) at which regeneration is cued to begin.  The white dot and number wheel will move counter clock wise as water is used and the “Capacity” triangle points to the number of gallons remaining before regeneration.  In the digital timer dome (NXT for example) the gallon range is 0 to 999,999 gallons and the gallons remaining is displayed on the digital screen.  All meter set points are to be calculated to the amount of resin extraction capacity in the tank and water hardness.

It is common for older control valves to be changed out from mechanical to digital with a complete new valve or a simple power-head change.  The mechanical meter dome can easily be replaced with a digital meter dome eliminating the need for a complete new meter body.  If a gallon meter unit quits counting gallons it would often point to a new meter dome as the fix.

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2850 and 2850S meter cap for 1.5” in/out meter

  • 1-1/2. Std Range (625 – 10,625 gallon setting) plastic #14038 brass #15218
  • 1-1/2. Ext Range (3,125 – 53,125 gallon setting) plastic #15150 brass #15237
  • 1.1/2 digital (0 – 999,999)  #14716
2900S and 2900 meter cap for 2” in/out meter

  • Std Range (1,250 – 21,250 gallon setting) plastic #14038 brass #15218
  • Ext Range (6,250 – 106,250 gallon setting) plastic #15150 brass #15237
  • digital (0 – 999,999) #14716
3150 meter cap for 2” in/out meter

  • Std Range (1,250 – 21,250 gallon setting) plastic #14038 brass #15218
  • Ext Range (6,250 – 106,250 gallon setting) plastic #15150 brass #15237
  • Digital (0 – 999,999) #14716
3900 meter cap for 3” in/out meter 

  • Std Range (3,750 – 63,750 gallon setting) brass #16400
  • Ext Range (18,750 – 318,750 gallon setting) brass # 16401
  • Digital       (0 – 999,999) #14716-01
9000 meter cap ¾” or 1” in/out meter

3/4. Std Range (125 – 2,100 gallon setting) plastic #14038 brass #15218
3/4. Ext Range (625 – 10,625 gallon setting) plastic #15150 brass #15237
3/4″ digital    (0 – 999,999) #14716


  • Std Range (310 – 5,270 gallon setting) plastic #14038 brass #15218
  • Ext Range (1,550 – 26,350 gallon setting) plastic #15150 brass #15237
  • Digital    (0 – 999,999) #14716
The 9500 control valve uses a 1.5” gallon meter either mechanical with a black flexible cable that pushes into the meter dome as seen in the picture.  The meter dome can be a PVC dome or a brass dome.  Inside the meter dome there are more than a dozen small reduction gears that react to the impeller inside the brass housing as it spins registering gallons.  This dome can be standard range 0 to 100 times 100 for registering up to 10,000 gallons (100 x’s 100) #15218 or extended range 0 to 50 x’s 1000 registering up to 50,000 gallons #15237.  The picture of the gallon wheel indicates that the meter dome being used on this control is a standard range dome.  The white dot above the numbers is the set point which in this case is 9,900 gallons.  After switching tanks the fresh tank starts at the set point 9,900 and counts down as soft water is used.  At any time you can look at the gallon capacity triangle and it will be pointing at the number of gallons left on the in service tank before it switches to the stand by tank and begins a regeneration.

A digital 9500 will have a like gallon meter but the meter dome will have a recessed slot and a securing screw for a digital wire end plug.  This digital meter wire sends digital pulses back to the electronic control board to register gallons.  The capacity for this meter is 0 to 999,000 gallons, meter dome #14716.