Fleck System Choices

Fleck Water Softener & Water Filter Systems for Your Commercial or Industrial Application

From media type to flow rate to tank size, there are many factors that go into designing a water softener or filter system. Our pre-configured and custom Fleck systems are designed to help make this process easier.

The industrial series of 1.5” (2850/2850S), 2” (2900/2900S or 3150) or 3” (3900) Fleck Valves can operate differently depending on the initial factory wiring configuration when the valve is produced. The only system that is user field re-programmable to operate up to four single tanks in any configuration is the digital NXT control package.

Don’t see what you need, or have questions? We’re here to help. Contact us today for assistance finding and implementing the best Fleck water softener or filter system for your application.

  • System #4

    One tank time clock or gallon meter controlled that can be delayed or immediate regeneration.

  • System #5 Interlock:

    Two to four tanks with metered control valve and individual gallon meter on each with all tanks in service, all interlocked for immediate regeneration with only one tank in regeneration at a time. The next tank to meter out goes into regeneration.

  • System # 6 Series

    Two to four tanks, all in service each with its own control valve all tanks interlocked with a single remote gallon meter, only one tank regenerates at a time while the others are in service. Lead valve regenerates first followed immediately by the remaining tanks.

  • System #7 Alternating

    Two tanks each with its own control valve and a single remote gallon meter for alternating regeneration. Only one tank in service and the other in regeneration or stand by. When the gallon meter set point is reached the tanks change positions and the off line tank regenerates and stays in stand by.

  • System #9 Alternating

    Operates with three to four tanks and each unit having its own control valve and gallon meter for regeneration. In this configuration one to three tanks are in service with one in standby or regeneration. Only one unit is allowed in regeneration at a time. When one of the in service tanks meters out and leaves service for regeneration the standby tank enters service.

  • System 3214 Demand Recall

    Operates with up to 4 tanks on line each with its own gallon/flow meter and is programmed with your desired flow rate set points. When the flow rate for the tank on line reaches a set point the second tank comes into service providing the additional needed flow and this can happen down the line until all four units are providing service. Once the flow decreases the tanks drop off line until service is handled by one tank. When the tank reaches the gallon meter set point regeneration occurs with only one tank in regeneration at a time.