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This web site is designed to be an engineering tool as well as a resource for locating companies that service, install, and sell Fleck Controls and Fleck Valve parts and equipment. Model numbers as well as specifications will vary slightly from one supplier to another. Not all items pictured on this web site are available at all locations listed nor are all items manufactured by Fleck Controls. Contact the individual supplier in your area for their current information.


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Model 5600 - water conditioning control

5600 / 1600 FP Time clock 
Econominder (metered) -  $258.50

  • Simple mechanical design is easy to understand. Two valve body designs, one for downflow regeneration and one for upflow, cover every valve in the 5600 family - quick access to all internal components.
  • Injector/drain modules containing the brine valve, flow controls and injector are removable from the valve's exterior.
  • Ruggedly built timer is designed with heavy duty 3/8" wide plastic gears.
  • 5600 controls are user friendly and easy to program.
  • Non-corrosive, UV resistant Noryl® valve body.
  • Choice of 7 or 12-day time clock or demand regeneration with either mechanical or electronic meter
Bypass valve (Noryl® or lead free brass)
Backwash filter
Upflow regeneration
35 day timer
1" inlet/outlet
Low water use piston (uses as little as 29 gal/regeneration)
90° adapter coupling (Noryl®)
90° angle yoke (lead free brass - 3/4" sweat or 3/4" NPT)

Valve Specifications
Valve Material Noryl®
Inlet/Outlet 3/4" NPT (Female)
Cycles* {enter info}
Flow rates (50 PSI Inlet) - Valve Alone
Continuous (15 PSI Drop) 20 gpm
Peak (25 PSI Drop) 26 gpm
CV** 5
Max.Backwash (25 PSI Drop) 7 gpm
Downflow/Upflow Both
Adjustable Time of regen and brine flow only.
Time Available 120 minutes
Meter Information
Meter Accuracy Range .25 - 15 gpm +/- 5%
Meter Capacity Range Standard: 125-2,125 gal.
Extended: 625-10,625 gal.
Distributor Pilot 13/16" or 1" (1.050) Pipe O.D.
Drain Line 1/2" NPT (Female)
Brine Line 3/8"
Mounting Base 2-1/2"-8 NPSM
Height from top of tank 7"
Tank Application - can regenerate/backwash the following

Water Softener

6"-12" diameter
Iron Filter
6"-10" diameter
Sediment Filter
6"-10" diameter
Carbon Filter
6"-10" diameter
Neutralizing Filter
6"-10" diameter
Additional Information
Electrical Rating 24v, 110v, 220v-5-Hz, 60Hz
Pressure Hydrostatic: 300 PSI
Working: 20 - 120 PSI
Temperature 34° - 110° F

**Cv-Flow rate of valve alone at 1 psi pressure drop