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Fleck control valves for industrial and commercial water softeners and backwash filters.


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Fleck control valves for industrial / commercial water softeners and backwash filters Tech Services and parts order     

9500 Valve and Softener Series
Twin Alternating
1.5" in/out

  • Ideal for 1-1/2" commercial systems requiring flow rates up to 48 gpm
  • Easily adjustable 5-cycle downflow brining control
  • Backwash capability handles up to 24" diameter tanks eliminating excessive, space wasting multiple tank installations
  • Rugged long-life construction featuring lead free brass valve body
  • Total flexibility in meter and timer setting
  • Satisfies operational needs from 310 to 53,125 gallons
  • Uses conditioned water for regeneration
Sediment, carbon or neutralizing filter
Hot Water (150F)
Electronic Timer

Nickel Plating
Sleeved to 1" meter
Extended range meter
Valve Specifications
Valve Material Lead Free Brass
Inlet/Outlet 1-1\2" NPT (female)
Cycles* 5
Flow rates (50 PSI Inlet) - Valve Alone
Continuous (15 PSI Drop) 43 gpm
Peak (25 PSI Drop) 55 gpm
CV** 9.8
Max.Backwash (25 PSI Drop) 16 gpm
Downflow/Upflow Downflow
Adjustable Yes
Time Available 82 or 164 minutes
Meter Information
Meter Accuracy Range - 1-1/2"
1-1/2" (lOW fLOW - SLEEVED TO 1")
1-1/2" 1.5-75 gpm
1-1/2" (Low Flow Sleeved to 1") .7 - 40 gpm +- 5%
Meter Capacity Range - 1-1/2"
1-1/2" (Low Flow- Sleeved to 1")
Standard: 625 - 10,625 gals.
Extended: 3,125 - 53,125 gals.
Standard: 310 - 5,270 gals.
Extended: 1,550 - 26,350 gals.
Distributor Pilot 1.5" Pipe I.D.
Drain Line 1" NPT (Male)
Brine Line 1/2" (3/8" available)}
Mounting Base 4"-8 UN
Height from top of tank 7-1/4"
Tank Application - can regenerate/backwash the following

Water Softener

10"-24" diameter
Iron Filter
Sediment Filter
14" diameter
Carbon Filter
14" diameter
Neutralizing Filter
14" diameter
Additional Information
Electrical Rating 24v, 110v,220v-50 Hz, 60 Hz
Pressure Hydrostatic: 300 psi
Working: 25-125 psi
Temperature 34-110F

**Cv-Flow rate of valve alone at 1 psi pressure drop

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9500 Manual (.pdf) SXT Controller
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