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Fleck control valves for industrial and commercial water softeners and backwash filters.


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Fleck control valves for industrial / commercial water softeners and backwash filters Tech Services and parts order     

3214 NTX Controller

 3200 Electronic Timer

Product Features

  • Uses one to three valves in the system. All valves are wired identically which minimizes inventory necessary to cover all system types.
  • All system interlocks are handled through the controller programming. Program can be modified at any time without any valve rewiring. 
  • There are two independently adjustable relay outputs for each unit in the system. Each relay can be used either as an output during the regeneration time window or as a chemical pump output sending a predetermined signal based on service flow.
  • Bright 8 digit VFD display with user panel layout utilizing LED status/programming indicators.
  • All volume displays are in gallons or liters.
  • Totalizer display, flow rate and peak flow rate displays are provided for each meter in the system.
  • All electrical connections are made through pre-wired interlock cables supplied with the controller.
  • All cables exit the controller enclosure via watertight connectors and sealite flexible conduit with 19 pin connectors that plug into each valve in the system.
  • No wiring is required except for optional input/output accessories such as flow meters, sensors, solenoids, pumps, etc.
System Configurations:
Four different system configurations are available using either time clock, meter or sensor inputs to initiate a regeneration.
For Valve For Remote Meters
System Type 4
    Single Unit Operation
System Type 5
    Dual Interlock System
System Type 6
    Multiple Unit, Single Input,
    Series Regeneration 
System Type 7
    Multiple Unit, Single Input,
    Alternating Regeneration 
    and Standby

Single or Duplex Unit

Duplex or Multiple Unit

Duplex or Multiple Unit

Duplex or Multiple Unit
Regeneration Types
Time Clock Delayed
    Meter Immediate
    Meter Delayed with Daily
        Variable Reserve
    Sensor Delayed

Meter Immediate

Water Delayed
Electrical Rating
    Available in 24, 120 or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Total system load not to exceed 6 amps
Operating Temperature                     34 F - 120 F
Range                                             ( 0 C  -  49 C)