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This web site is designed to be an engineering tool as well as a resource for locating companies that service, install, and sell Fleck Controls and Fleck Valve parts and equipment. Model numbers as well as specifications will vary slightly from one supplier to another. Not all items pictured on this web site are available at all locations listed nor are all items manufactured by Fleck Controls. Contact the individual supplier in your area for their current information.

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Water Softeners Commercial-Industrial
to 3,600,000 grains

Water Softeners with Fleck Controls

Commercial and industrial Fleck control valves can be fitted with various mechanical or electronic control packages to achieve most any result. Available in the range from single tank units to multi-valve systems delivering over 1,000 gallons per minute of treated water. Click on Timers and Controls to see the basic control packages available.

Fleck Controls repair part assemblies/kits
and individual parts are available for each control valve in
the individual control valve section. 

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1.5  in/out valves

9500 twin tank series valve        

2850 valve / 2850s series valve

2 in/out valve

2900 & 2900s series valve

3150 series valve

3 in/out valve

3900 series valve


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