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This web site is designed to be an engineering tool as well as a resource for locating companies that service, install, and sell Fleck Controls and Fleck Valve parts and equipment. Model numbers as well as specifications will vary slightly from one supplier to another. Not all items pictured on this web site are available at all locations listed nor are all items manufactured by Fleck Controls. Contact the individual supplier in your area for their current information.

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Water conditioning using Fleck Controls and Fleck Valves

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Our web site is designed to provide easy access to all Fleck Control Valve Systems and components as well as, complete systems. We like the engineered approach to helping you specify and purchase top of the line equipment. With our hands on experience we can assist in identifying control or installation problems and help you insure a trouble free system.

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and Valves.
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  Fleck® is a trademark of Pentair, Inc.

FleckValves.com is an independent sales site of an independent distributor.

Manufacturers specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice. We try to stay current but please reconfirm when ordering.

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